"The healer you have been looking for is your own courage to know and love yourself completely."


I haven’t always been the natural wellness field, connected to my body mind and soul, or aligned with my true values in life.


Several years ago I was experiencing perpetual health problems with no clear source, despite many doctors appointments and blood tests. At this time I was working a corporate job in real estate development - the epitome of the 9-5, hating Mondays and living for the weekends. I had developed severe anxiety, adrenal fatigue, brain fog, exhaustion, and an anti-social nature, as well as and uncontrollable stress that weaved its way through all aspects of my life. I was pursuing life the way I thought I should be, yet I'd felt completely unbalanced and miserable. I didn’t recognize myself and was completely out of sync. My family and friends were worried about me and no one could put the pieces together, nor understand my suffering.


During this time, my sister told me she had tried a type of holistic healing called Reiki, and encouraged me to try it to help me reduce the stress and tension I was constantly experiencing. I decided to take her advice and booked myself in for a session. After my appointment I felt deep shifts in my energetic field in a way that truly changed me and sparked the beginning of an intense spiritual awakening in me. This change intrigued me so much and it was at that point that I embarked on a journey with Reiki that would eventually lead me to complete my Level 1, 2 and 3 Reiki Master Practitioner levels, certifying me with the Canadian Reiki Association. It also later led me to complete my Animal Reiki certification, as well as two courses of intuitive mediumship development training from a professional mentor.


From Reiki sessions and all of my training, my spiritual and intuitive gifts became stronger everyday, showing me that I had gifts within me that had lied dormant in me my entire life. I was shocked at how the Universe kept encouraging me as I kept aligning myself with what I now understand to be my Dharma.


During my journey with Reiki, I revisited an interest I had forgotten for years - crystal gemstones. As I learnt more and more about the healing energy of various types of crystals, I decided that I wanted to create Reiki-infused crystal jewelry, so that I could not only carry the healing properties of the crystals, but the life-force energy of Reiki with me at all times. This started out as a hobby and a creative pursuit for myself, my friends and my family.


As I moved forward and began to heal again on all levels, I decided to completely immerse myself into a lifestyle centered around natural wellness, spirituality, and holistic healing, understanding the importance of embracing life with a mind-body-spirit connection. I decided that I could no longer go on with the status quo and I resigned from that corporate job, and from that life. It took a tremendous amount of courage and faith to step down from it, but there was something inside of me pulling me away from it all that I could not ignore. The Universe made it impossible for me to keep doing what I was doing and change was inevitable. As I evolved and aligned myself constantly with my soul, I continued to attract the right people, places, jobs, events and circumstances that would guide me down a destined path.


But even then, the Universe decided there was another impactful challenge for me to overcome. During the Christmas holiday season of 2018, I had a near-death experience. I contracted sepsis through Toxic Shock Syndrome (TSS), which landed me in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) in the hospital for many days. Approximately half of the instances of TSS are linked with the use of conventional tampons, which are not sterile. Had I not gone to the Emergency Room when I did, I would not be here today as TSS is fatal within hours when not caught in time. My body, mind and soul had endured a trauma that I wouldn’t wish on anyone. I wasn’t sure why the Universe had picked me to survive this horrible illness when so many young women do not; I was given another chance, and I had to think about what changes I would make in my life yet again.













I emerged from this experience with a newfound appreciation for life, an intense sense of gratitude for my body, and a moral obligation to inspire others to embrace a lifestyle centered around natural wellness, holistic healing, and self-care. I felt a burning passion to educate my community on how to choose natural products and services that allow us to live our lives with grace, connection, and purpose. I wanted my community to understand that without our physical or mental health, we don’t have anything at all.


I then understood the Universe, knowing that I was to begin living the life I was always meant for. I created a product and service based company based on my story, filled with purpose from the bottom of my heart and soul, fulfilling my greatest passions in life and maintaining my Dharma; Crystal Theory Co. was born.

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